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career planning

Why Career Planning Is Important

Posted on
5M to read

From the day we could talk we were asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
Now that we are all grown up, do we have a plan or are we still replying like 3 year olds- career roles spoken without thought or the right goals in mind to get them? So do you need a career plan? How can it help? What is the best approach? Read to find out.

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Working for FREE…why it is not really free

Posted on
6M to read

Have you ever heard the saying “nothing is for free”?
What does it mean? It means that even if someone offers you something as a ‘gift’ (outside of your birthday or holidays) for free, it does not mean you will not be paying for it later one way, shape or form.
But how does this translate to career and your personal employment? How is working for free paying you?

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Toxic Positivity

Posted on
3M to read

The idea or belief that you should always have a positive spin or attitude towards something, regardless of personal circumstances or issues is not always possible.

So what is toxic positivity and how do you overcome it?

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