Job hunting in 2023?

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Career Interview Resume Coaching Services

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Do you want the job and career of your dreams, but seem to struggle to obtain it?

  • Resume not getting you any phone calls?
  • Interviews not translating into job offers?
  • Want to start a career or transition further in your current one but don’t know how?

Did you know…

  • Only 10% of resume applications result into a job interview
  • Around 70% of people do not get a job offer after their interview
  • 85% of people do not like their jobs

So how can you and your resume stand out? How can you elevate your career? How can you find a role that resonates with you?

Job and Career seekers…we’ve got you covered.

Specialising in the Business, Logistics and Construction Industries, we have a number of career coaching packages that are designed to meet your individual needs. Not one coaching session is the same, as not one person is the same.

We take on a holistic and external view on you as a whole, looking at your individual skills and experiences, as well as your wants and needs.

We pass on our industry knowledge to you so you can walk away feeling empowered, confident and skilled to find the right role and career you deserve and change the stats in your favour.

It does not matter if it’s your first job or leveling up your career to higher grounds; we can help you get there without the stress and with all the knowledge you need.

Listen to what one of our happy customers has to say.

“…They really got to know me for who I am so they could put ‘me’ down on my CV…”

Simon struggled to properly present himself on paper; he didn’t know what was required and how to understand job ads to accurately translate the information onto his resume and LinkedIn profile. By supporting him in the creation of his resume, cover letter, and giving tips on his LinkedIn and interviews; he was able to successfully obtain the employment he was aiming for.

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What you need to know to give top answers in any job interview

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Resume writing

What you must know about resume writing if you want to stand out

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Our client, Sharlene, got the career of her dreams

"My Career Angels supported me through the whole process; they gave me the confidence I needed to move forward..."

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