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Job interview questions

Ace your interview and land the job

– Do you get stuck knowing which questions you should ask in an interview?
– Are the questions you ask generic and provide you with basic information?
– You have no plans to even ask a question in the interview.

By asking the right questions at the job interview not only makes you stand out as a serious candidate, it provides you with a clear insight into the companies culture, work ethic, support system and more. It can give you a clue on whether you want to work there or not.
So to help you out, we’ve created this guide to make things easier for you and ensure you are asking the right questions.

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Career Plannner

A proven easy to follow career planner that will help you reach your goals

– Are you unsure of the direction your career is going?
– Not being able to reach your career targets?
– Is your career not going in the direction you had hoped it would?

Today, make a plan for your career that will help you to successfully reach your goals faster!

Our Career Planning guide will take you step-by-step through what is required to reach not only your career goals, but all goals you’ve set for yourself in life.

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Resume writing

What you must know about resume writing if you want to stand out

– Don’t know how to write a resume?
– Need help with making your resume stand out from the crowd?
– Resume not getting you phone calls for interviews?

We’ve got you covered! Learn how to write a winning resume from scratch without all the hassle. This guide will teach you the basics of what to do, what not to do and little tricks on how to make yourself shine and stand out!

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Interview questions

What you need to know to give top answers in any job interview

– Never again walk into an interview nervous, unprepared and unsure of what the hiring manager is looking for in you. 

– Never again walk out of an interview feeling unsure and worried you blew it.

Ace your next job interview with tips from this guide!

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Job Search

How to stay on track of your job applications without the stress

– Do you forget which jobs you have applied to?

– Are you confused about which job the hiring manager is calling about?

This can lead you to miss vital job opportunities because you will come across as unprofessional.

Never be unprepared again for a phone call from your future employer with this super easy to use Job Application Tracker!
This tracker is the tool you need to keep yourself on top of all your job applications and interview progress. So don’t go kicking yourself for losing a job because of silly mistakes.

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Stress management

11 easy and proven ways you can combat stress in a day

– Job searching causing you stress and anxiety?
– Is your current job giving you stress vibes?
– Finding it hard to unwind and take back control of your inner calm?

Stress and anxiety can affect your job searching abilities as well as blow your job interview!!

Keep calm with these effective, proven to help and reduce stress methods. From yummy Moon Milk recipes to the best breathing techniques, this stress guide has you covered, no matter what day or situation you are facing.

Download today and start taking back control of your energy.

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