Job hunting in 2022?

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Will the eBooks or the one-on-one coaching guarantee me a job?

No, we cannot guarantee you will get a job immediately after reading our eBooks or immediately after our coaching session, because we do not control the job market or the hiring managers decision-making strategies. 

However, we can guarantee you will walk away with a stronger knowledge base on how to actively and successfully apply for and interview for a job. You will walk away feeling more confident in yourself and the process. We can guarantee the skills you will learn will enhance and give you higher chances of success when searching for and applying to jobs.

What will I take away from the eBooks or the one-on-one coaching?

  • You will better understand your career options and path
  • Learn how to understand the job market
  • Have the skills to effectively job search
  • Know how to apply to a job the ‘right way’
  • Learn how to write a standout cover letter and resume
  • Know how to successfully interview for a job
  • Gain the skills to negotiate your salary and job conditions
  • Get tips on how to effectively network and much more.

Are My Career Angels proficient in all industries?

We are for many, but not all. We specialise in Business, Construction and Logistics.  This covers areas such as:

Accounting, Administration, Building Services, Construction, Customer Service, Engineering, Estimation, Finance, Human Resources,  Information Technology, Marketing, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Sales, Security Services, Telecommunication Services, Warehousing and many more, including the vast roles within them.

If I have read a My Career Angels eBook, will I also need to do one-on-one coaching?

After reading any of our eBooks, you may find that you have sufficient understanding and skills to confidently enter the job market on your own. However, should you still feel like you require more support, then our one-on-one coaching will be useful to you. It may become a nice complement to the eBook, to have a professional, to discuss your steps and career path in greater detail. 

If I have done the one-on-one coaching, will it be useful to still read one of the eBooks?

Yes. Whilst we feel confident you will get a lot out of our coaching; our eBooks will help support you and are useful as a guide to refer back to as many times are you need to help you on your career journey. 


I have over ten years successful working experience, would I still benefit from the eBooks or the one-on-one coaching?

Yes, even with experience, you can still feel lost in various areas, such as interviewing or negotiation skills. 

Our coaching is designed to tailor to your needs. We can focus on areas you prefer and feel less confident in, rather than talk about areas you feel you already ace.

I have no work experience, is the eBooks or the one-on-one coaching suited to me?

Absolutely. Why spend years trying to work out how to job search and be effective at it when you can learn it all here in under a week? We all need a helping hand now and then. Your first job is always the hardest to get, why add to the pressure by being unsure how to search for it, interview and even understand what your working rights may be.

I have been off work for a long time, would having a gap in my resume affect my chances in gaining employment?

No. You can still gain successful employment, even after taking a break (whatever the reason may be). Our eBooks or the one-on-one coaching will highlight and discuss how to over come this and present your time off work in a positive, rather than negative way.

How many one-on-one meetings do I get with the coaching service?

This is dependent on your needs. Our main options can be found on our services page. 

Can I have more than one coaching service with a Career Angel consultant?

You can combine your services – please refer to our Services page to see the available options. 

Why should I choose My Career Angels eBooks or the one-on-one coaching over another agency?

There are many good career consultants out there and you have a great deal of options at your disposal. It all comes down to what you feel and who you feel most comfortable with. Our eBooks are designed for you to learn about, feel confident in and gain awareness about your career and job market, all in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. Our eBooks are simple to understand, straightforward, without any ‘fluff’. They will provide you with information you cannot simply get over the internet. They are designed by career specialists, who have a lot of ‘secrets of the trade’ to share.  

The one-on-one coaching is also conducted online via Zoom. This too allows you to have the pleasure of meeting a consultant at the comfort of your own home. It also does not limit you to meet with someone from your own city, or even country. You can reach out from anywhere in the world and speak with one of us. 

We, additionally pride on the fact that our prices are very competitive and our packages offer a great deal of useful information. In many cases, our products and services offer more for less than most other agencies. 

If you are still unsure if we are the right fit for you, please feel free to read our blogs and download our free resources. 

What is your refund policy?

We will not provide any refunds for any of our products and services as we cannot control the job market and minds of hiring managers. We will however offer a free consult to review your situation and provide additional guidance to support you if the issue is related to your initial coaching session. This request must be actioned four (4) months after the first coaching session (as you need to provide enough time to apply for jobs and go to interviews), but no more than six (6) months after the initial coaching session.