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My Career Angels

Did you know that over 700 people will apply to the same job as you at any given time?

So how do you stand out? How do you become the candidate that gets the job offer?

My Career Angels have combined over 25 years experience in the Recruitment and Human Resource industry. We have seen tens of thousands of resumes and interviewed thousands of individuals. We have seen it all; we know what makes a person successful, and what the biggest mistakes are in applying for a job. We also know that, for those who are job hunting, getting the right information that is not generic, outdated and inexpensive is hard.

At My Career Angels, we specialise in Business, Retail, Manufacturing, Technology, Construction and Logistics industries, and we are dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date, fundamental and game changing information to elevate your job search and career venture.

Offices located in Melbourne and Sydney, with the ability to service nation wide.

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Career eBooks and Guides

Our resume writing and interview training eBooks and free guides are designed to deliver you the most comprehensive information to guide you through every step of your recruitment journey from job searching, to resume development, to acing your interview. 

Every eBook is deigned to focus on one area, delivering you the most informative, exclusive and easy to understand information there is. After reading them, you will feel more confident in applying for jobs, be in possession of a successful resume, be prepared for interviews, understand what a recruiter is looking for, and get that edge to stand out from your competition to land the job.

Career focused Blogs and Newsletters

Our blogs and newsletters written honestly, without the ‘fluff’. Our mission is to give you information that is useful, not simply a string of words that have not answered your questions or provided you with some knowledge. 

We look forward to building a positive, long lasting relationship with you. We are here to listen to your needs and guide you through what can be a very challenging mission – job hunting and career development.

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About Pauline and Natasha

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Hi there, I am Pauline. A mother of two, a scary movie buff and coffee lover. I also enjoy traveling and seeing the world (albite I did a lot more of that before kids). 

Very early on in my career I realised I wanted to work in Human Resources. But it was not the first choice I made. Initially, I was employed as a Marketing and Events Planner for a telecommunications company.  I honestly did not like my job at the time. Sure, it had some fun, creative sides to it, but most of the days were long, sitting on my own coming up and writing various boring pitches to management. In the end I sat there playing solitaire on my computer wondering how much longer to retirement. 

So how did I come to conclude Human Resources was my dream career? Honestly, a simple likes and dislikes list (sometimes the simplest things can be the most effective).

But did I just waste three years studying something else and working in a completely different industry? Absolutely not – in my strong opinion, no experience is a waste and many skills are transferable. 

Luckily, I was able to use my networks to get my first job in the industry of Human Resources. I became a Human Resource Administrator / Receptionist.  I was thrilled. I was on my way to learning the ropes and building my career- one paper, and one phone call at a time. I moved my way up in the company and before I knew it, I was managing accounts and recruiting senior positions. 

I decided to elevate my knowledge, and took on a Masters in Human Resource Management degree part time. Once completing that, I travelled and worked in Hong Kong, recruiting teachers from all around the world.  Coming back to my home country, Australia, I continued my career working for a startup, building a whole new team and culture for the company.

Now, I am here to share my knowledge, with the help of my sister Natasha, through some very effective eBooks, online courses and individual coaching services.

From the comfort of your own home, together, we can build on your career and assist you in gaining a meaningful, rewarding and fulfilling job.

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Growing up, I wanted to become a primary school teacher because I loved children and wanted to be able to help them grow and learn. Both my parents, however, being accountants, wanted me to continue the family business. At the time I did not want to let my parents down, so I enrolled into university and started my CPA studies. Within my first year studying accounting, I realised I loathed it. I felt trapped and knew if I did not make a change right at that point in time, I would be stuck working in my parents firm hating every minute. After viewing my strengths and my need to help people and understanding of business; I decided to take on a degree in Human Resources and Management with a double major in Marketing. As it turned out, I absolutely loved studying Human Resources. I soaked in everything they taught me. It felt natural to me; logical.

I was very lucky to get a full time job during my degree which focused on my marketing side working for a large car manufacturer. I was applying my knowledge and building on my skills. Thanks to that role, I was able to find another, more senior, position in Marketing straight after I graduated, however, it was not my passion and I soon realised that I had to find a new opportunity for myself.

Despite the fact that I learnt about how job applications work, how to interview and had been part of many interviews before (when applying for jobs from a young age), I did not put much thought into my own job searches. I applied for various jobs here and there, just wanting anything in the HR field. Of course, with such a hit and miss approach, I was not as lucky as I was in finding my calling to study HR. I learnt a lot from this personal experience. Slowing down, and following a true and proven formula, I was able to secure a job within a HR department and built a strong relationship with the company and management that hired me and will forever be truly grateful for the experience I had there. 

Now, as a mother to four young ones, not only did I realise that being a primary school teacher would not have been right for me, I found myself searching for that next step in my career; something that would fulfil my desire to help others and still allow me to be there for my children. This is why starting My Career Angels with my sister, Pauline, has been so rewarding and fulfilling.

Our Mission:

To educate and empower individuals to be successful in the application and obtainment of their desired career goals and aspiring employment.

Our Vision:

To be the leading partner to all job seekers; helping them to succeed in obtaining employment and reach their career goals through honest, reliable knowledge and innovative tools.

Our motto – Become who you want to be!

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