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Welcome to The Great Stuff

Your home for all your career focused Resources, eBooks and Blogs.

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Career Focused Resources

Here you will find a collection of guides, templates and more to download for FREE.

All our resources are designed to help support your career journey from career planning, to resume writing, job interview prep and much more.

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Career Focused Blogs

Each week we upload a new career based blog. The blogs are written on todays employment issues from job searching, employment market, work environments, how to improve your employability and more.

Our blogs are designed to educate, guide and provide insight to support your career and its development.

Once inside, you can filter through relevant topics that suit you, or just go down the list and read each one at time.

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Our eBooks are designed to be your electronic career coaches.

Easy to follow and read, beaming with relevant game changing information, peer reviewed by other HR and Recruitment specialists.

This is an affordable way of getting your very own career coach. Unlock you career goals today with our eBooks.

Keep checking this space as new eBooks will be published over time.

Our client, Sharlene, got the career of her dreams

"My Career Angels supported me through the whole process; they gave me the confidence I needed to move forward..."

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