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5 Reasons Why You Should Always Update Your Resume


Not currently looking for work? That’s ok; it does not mean you should not have your resume up-to-date and ready to go at a moments notice.

Here are five reasons why your resume should always be fired up and ready to send:

You never know when an opportunity will come knocking at your door. Perhaps you come across a job ad on Facebook for your dream job or the company you are currently working for may have a new opening that is perfect for you. Perhaps you were waiting for this day to come for a while now, and finally it is here, Jane is moving on and her role can finally be yours! Regardless of how long you have been working there and the fact that they already have your resume on file will not stop them from asking you to submit a new one. A request for a current working version of your resume to be submitted for consideration is not a wild notion. It is in fact the usual protocol and policy for most companies.

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A client that you are working with, or wish to work with, may request your resume to understand your background better and compare you with competition. To submit one to them would ensure your loyalty and relationship development, as well as hopefully demonstrate your competitive services.


If you are looking for a raise, your resume could help you to sell your argument in why you deserve one. Chances are, your manager would not remember your resume and everything you have done in the past. Heck, they may not even be sure what you are doing for them now. A resume can highlight your current efforts as well as past experience to support your overall value to the organisation and make for a good support to why you need that pay increase / promotion. It is also a great way to highlight any new certifications you may be achieved during your time at the company.


Knock knock, it’s a head-hunter at your door! Even though you may not actively be looking for work, it does not mean a head-hunter is not out there looking for you, and they may be coming along with an amazing opportunity to consider. Amazing enough that it could tempt you to jump ship. Having an updated resume on hand to flick right away could help you to get ahead of the line and skip anyone who is struggling to put one together for the same offer.

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A good resume can help identify any gaps and help you to plan ahead and make goals for your career development. Often, it is not easy to see what is missing until all the information is clearly outlined in front of you. An updated resume will highlight your skills, experience, abilities, training and so forth. You will be able to see what you still need to achieve to grow further and move forward in your career and industry.

Hopefully these reasons have motivated you to update that resume of yours. It is always better to have one ready instead of scrambling to get one out the door when you are feeling time pressure and, well, stress in general to find a new job.

If you need any assistance in writing your resume, we at My Career Angels are offering coaching packages just for you. We have extensive experience in resume writing; understanding of what a hiring manager is looking for and what to say when and where in the resume itself. Send us an email or request a consult today.

Happy Job Hunting,

My Career Angels

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