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LinkedIn…your photo, your networks, your experience, your referrals…

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LinkedIn Coaching Package

The professional way to LinkedIn and utilise the platform to your advantage



One hour session $260
Two hour session $460


  • Did you know that about 90% of employers search their candidates’ social media accounts during the hiring process?
  • Did you also know that 43% of those employers continue to check their employee’s social media accounts well after the hiring process is finished? This most certainly includes your LinkedIn account!!!!


Do you want to learn how to utilise your LinkedIn account to its fullest potential? Creating a professional LinkedIn profile that captures the right audience and learning how to properly network has become one of the leading ways of landing a job. Let us teach you how this can be achieved.

Your Benefits


  • You will have a professional, polished and searchable profile
  • We will help you select the right profile photo as well as personally create you a professional profile banner
  • Your LinkedIn account will mirror your resume and make sure it highlight those key skills for maximum visibility for hiring managers to seek you out
  • You will gain knowledge how to utilise the platform to your advantage through best networking practices, discover webinars, how to seek open roles, how to make yourself more visible and approachable and additional tricks and tips to elevate your LinkedIn game.

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How it Works


After submitting your request for a consult, we will get in contact with you via email to set up a time for a free 20 minute consultation to get to know you and your needs.

After this, we will book in your one-to-two hour zoom session (depending on your requirement level) where we will cover the following:

  • Assistance in creating a new LinkedIn profile if required
  • Review your current LinkedIn profile and provide feedback on required changes
  • Teach you how to create new, useful connections
  • Teach you how to properly present yourself on your profile
  • Show you how to improve your LinkedIn SSI
  • Explain the fundamentals of networking
  • Give you tips on how to make your profile stand out
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What else do you get?


  • Two follow-up email communications
  • Review of your updated LinkedIn profile with feedback
  • Resume templates suitable to pass ATS (Application Tracking System)
  • Our eBook – Understanding Interview Questions Guide (valued at $9.97)
  • 10% off any future purchase of any of our products or services (valid up to 12 months after initial purchase date).



One hour session $260
Two hour session $460

Our client, Sharlene, got the career of her dreams

"My Career Angels supported me through the whole process; they gave me the confidence I needed to move forward..."

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