Job hunting in 2023?

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“The coaches at My Career Angels helped me learn what I should be including in my CV and thanks to Pauline and Natasha, I received a number of job offers. The thing that was most important is that not only were they friendly and professional, they got to know me and put me down on my CV. I don’t believe I would have had the opportunity of multiple offers if not for Pauline and Natasha”

Simon G. – Business Development Manager, VIC


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are My Career Angels proficient in all industries?

We are for many, but not all. We are not suited to assist individuals in the medical field, such as specialists and general practitioners, nor are we proficient in Science based professions. For us to identify your skill set and provide you with job recommendations surrounding those scientific and medical professions could be a challenge and a promise we cannot keep. We also are not versed in the job application process these fields require.

We DO, however, have experience in a wide range of industries, such as Accounting, Administration, Automotive, Building Services, Clothing, Construction, Cosmetology, Customer Service, Education, Engineering, Estimation, Finance, Human Resources, Legal, Marketing, Manufacturing, Nursing, Real Estate, Restaurants, Sales, Security Services, Telecommunication Services, Tourism Industry and many more, including the vast roles within them.

I have been off work for a long time, would having a gap in my resume affect my chances in gaining employment?

No. You can still gain successful employment, even after taking a break (whatever the reason may be). Our course and personalised services will highlight and discuss how to over come this and present your time off work in a positive, rather than negative way.