Job hunting in 2023?

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Why you need to job search daily for a new role

Looking for a new job but don’t have time to search daily? Well, we are here to share some insight on why you unfortunately need to put in the hours to find that job you are searching for. But don’t worry, we will help you work out how to do it and most importantly, why you should do it.

Job searching can be considered a numbers game, and you need to know how to play the game in order to get the role you really want. Lucky for you, we are here to teach you the rules.

Firstly, let’s talk about time. How do you find it and how to use it effectively? Let us break down the math in how much time it takes to apply to a role:

  • You need to account for searching for the role
  • Personalising your application (resume and cover letter) to the role
  • Answering specific questions requested as an addition to your resume (this happens often on job search engines such as Seek) and perhaps…
  • You may want to even have a follow up phone call or send a personal email to the hiring manager to make sure they are aware of your application.


It can take upwards of an hour to apply just to one position. Since job searching is like a job in itself, you may need to carve an hour to two a day, every day to send out your applications, which may only be to one or two roles.

Consider job searching like a very important meeting you cannot miss. Yes, you may have to sacrifice a little personal down time, but in the long run, it will be worth it.

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Applying to jobs daily??

Whilst we recommend you apply to open roles daily, we want to make one thing clear – we are not advocating applying to as many random roles as possible. We encourage you to apply to the roles you truly believe are meeting your personal interests and needs, however, you need to be searching daily for such roles as you may find that some days you don’t come across any that suit. Keep looking because every day new roles pop up and they can pop up anywhere. So you need the time to SEARCH!

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It really is a numbers game!

Applying to one or two positions here and there over a week or two may take you longer in getting an interview and job offer. Let us explain further why and how this really is a numbers game.

Every day new jobs are being posted and every day handfuls of people are applying to them. If you find a job that was posted a week or two earlier, chances are the hiring managers inbox is flooded with resumes and most likely already in first rounds of interview stages. They may not even look at any new applications by this point. You want your resume to be in there first.

The first resume in the inbox of a hiring manager, who is very eager to receive applications, will most likely open that application than the 50th resume in their inbox. This is also true for job ads that have closing dates to their application. Most hiring managers like to fill the roles as soon as possible.

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Not time poor?

If, however, you do have plenty of time, then take this to your advantage. There are multiple channels in which you can seek open roles and multiple ways in which you can make your application impactful. You can find roles via job search engines, social media, direct from company websites and networking. This will allow you to spread yourself to more ideal roles. You can even break things down and each day focus on one avenue, such as social media and cover more ground over the time you have.

Nowadays a resume is not enough to get you the foot in the door. The more you show yourself to hiring managers, the better your chances are in having your application considered. This includes follow up phone calls, personal LinkedIn or email messages. You also need time to perfect that resume and cover letter, perfect your LinkedIn and make sure you track your applications so you do not get confused when hiring managers do call you back. So the more time you make for yourself, the further you can reach with each open position.

You can download this Job Application Tracker guide for free so you never lose an application and keep a record of how you are progressing with every role.

So there you have it – the time it takes to job search (through all the various avenues), along with the pre and post efforts you need to do with each application, and the actual application itself can be time consuming. This means, if you are limited for time, you will need extra days to apply to all the roles you truly want. By checking in daily for new positions means you have your finger on the pulse and will never miss an opportunity. So have your resume updated and laptop charged, it is time to make the hours job seeking count.

Hot professional tips: Most new roles are posted on Monday and Tuesday’s. December to February have the least job postings. New job openings are not always posted on job search engines so check social media and company websites for new roles.

If you need any assistance with your resume and/or interviews then check out our coaching services, we are here to help you maximise the limited time you have so you can get more out of each application and interview getting that job faster.


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