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Does Your Manager Belong On Our Worst Managers List?


Do you think your manager is doing a horrible job? Are they making you want to resign and find alternative employment? Many people dislike their work because of poor management, and often, most resign due to lack of direction, communication, support, and positive working conditions…all due to poor management.

Taking a leadership course at university, we were taught the different styles of management and what makes an effective leader. Not only do we believe all managers should take such a course, there really needs to be better criteria and filtering for employing managers in their positions. Just because an individual has experience and understanding about the industry, it does not mean they are fit to lead people to perform the relevant tasks.

But is your manager as bad as you think? Are you setting your expectations too high?

Before you start thinking your manager is the worst one out there, let us share a few stories with you about some undesired managers that we know of.

1.The owner of a company walked around the office sniffing her staff and letting them know if they smell out loud…in front of others.

2. One manager gave his employee very clear instructions about what he wanted. It was all in black and white. The employee delivered exactly as requested. The manager said it was wrong and changed what he wanted and said the employee was not listening or understanding. This behaviour was repeated over and over and over.

3. One manager sent her male employee a video of a man getting his private parts chopped off. She said this is what she would do to him if he did not meet the targets for that month.

4. One manager told his employee that he would show him “his insides” because they disagreed with his project proposal.

5. One CEO removed all drinking water, stationary and coffee to save money. If his staff needed to use pen or paper, they had to bring their own from home. Water was available from an unfiltered bathroom tap.

6. One senior manager told their staff member that her voice was annoying and offensive to everyone around her. He said he knew there was nothing she could do about it, as it was her voice, but he felt she should be aware.

7. One company owner sent his female staff member a text message saying how sexy she looked in her dress. Classic sexual harassment.

8. One manager did not allow her receptionist to use the bathroom because the phones were so busy. The receptionist had to hold it in all day, until she could not anymore and wet her pants. The manager yelled at her for wetting her pants and fired her for it.

9. A senior team leader constantly yelled at his staff asking them if they were stupid.

10. One manager turned off all the lights and air-conditioning at a labour-intensive factory floor to save money.

11. A company owner said she was unhappy with the work delivered and thus would dock pay from everyone’s salary.

12. One staff member had Covid. Their manager told them they did not care and demanded he return to work immediately.

13. One business owner would bring his staff into his office – he would ask for their professional opinion on a matter. He would then always do the opposite of what was advised.

14. One business owner blamed their staff for everything that went wrong, even if they themselves were the ones who signed off on what would lead to the problem occurring.

15. One senior manager purposefully caused a problem with their staff just to have an excuse to fire them.


So, if you think your manager is cutting the cake, remember, there could always be someone worse. That does not mean you should be putting up with a toxic, bullying, harassing environment.

You may feel that you can’t say or do anything about this because of fear of losing your job. Let us reassure you right now, if you do lose your job for speaking up then you are better off not working there as things will only get worse.

A company that does not respect their staff or take action
on a manager who treats their subordinates in such a toxic way,
is not a company that is worth your time.

If you are experiencing bullying or harassment, then either escalate the matter to HR and/or their manager. If no changes come from that, do yourself a kind favour and seek alternative employment. Your mental health, wellbeing and safety are more important at the end of the day.

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