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10 questions you should ask when considering a career change

Considering a career change? You are probably asking yourself many questions about the idea. Questions such as “Is this right for me?”; “Am I too old for a career change?”; “Is it even realistic?”

Well, you would not be alone. There are many questions you and others in the same career-crossroads would be asking themselves.

Something such as a career change is not a light or easy decision to make. After-all, you are considering a major life change and those are difficult to do.

Yet, it does not always have to be stressful – as long as you approach it from a calm manner and take your time to gather all the facts surrounding the change, you can walk into it with greater confidence. In order to get there, all you need are some answers to certain questions, and a strong plan in place. So let us jump into it. What are the questions you should really be asking yourself?

  • How do I identify my transferable skills and strengths that could apply to a new career?
  • What are the strategies for exploring new career options and industries? How do I even go about doing this?
  • What steps should I take to successfully transition into a new career?
  • What financial considerations do I need to take, such as salary expectations, potential job growth, and benefits packages? How will this change impact my financials?
  • How do I update my resume and cover letter to showcase my relevant skills and experience in a new job?
  • What career is best for me to change into and is the change right for me?
  • What is the possibly of me needing to do further education or training to acquire new skills and knowledge for a career change?
  • How do I address potential challenges or obstacles, such as a lack of experience or qualifications in a new field?
  • What are the strategies for managing the emotional aspects of career change, such as fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt?
  • How do I balance a career change with other life responsibilities, such as family and financial obligations?

The question of whether it is too late to have a career change should never even cross your mind! It is never too late to be happy and feel fulfilled in the work you do. Nor is the question on whether a change is realistic. Of course it is, keeping in mind however, depending on the change you choose, it will depend on the obstacles you will face. Obstacles, however, are not dead-ends, they are simply road blocks you need to cross over.

But, how do you go about answering the above 10 questions? Well, a good career coach will of course help and guide you along this path, however, if this is not something you want to invest in, then you will need to be able to have the tools yourself to answer them.

Here are ways you can find out information about the desired career you want to enter and what is required to make it happen.

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How To Find Answers To Your Questions

  1. Find a good mentor. A mentor will guide you in making an informed decision. The best would be to find a mentor who has years of experience behind them.
  2. Networking. Finding others in the industry you are considering can become very useful assists. They will be able to provide you with relevant information about the job and industry and even provide introductions to hiring managers.
  3. You can take a career aptitude test to see what careers suit you best. There are many to choose from, it is a matter of finding one that is detailed enough in its questions and answers, such as Career Hunter. However, they are not always free. Why don’t you start with our own free quick test to get the ball rolling – here
  4. Do your market research. Research the industry and market value. A sight such as Australian Government Labour Markets Insight can help.

Do not forget, we at My Career Angels are specialised in career change management and will be there to guide and help provide the answers to the 10 questions, help organise a detailed career plan and much more. If you are interested in learning more, then why don’t you reach out for a free, zero obligation call with us. You can request your call here.


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