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The Career Change Coaching Package


Why do you need a Career Coach?

Studies have shown that one in five people are in the wrong job, but feel they are either too far in their careers to make a change, feel like a change is not realistic for them or do not believe their skills are transferable to other roles. We don’t want you to feel like you are stuck in a job you dislike – we are here to tell you change is possible and open to you.

  • Are you unhappy with your current role/career but do not know how or what to change?
  • Are you stuck in your current position and want to level up?
  • Are you unsure how your skills are transferable to other roles?


With our specific and unique approach, we are able to identify the best career options for you with the most realistic pathways in getting there.

We provide you with tools, resources and guiding support to help you with your new career and ensure a successful interview and job offer. Let us help you to make sure the next step in your career is the right one. Together, we can!

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Together we will:

  • Work on our career mapping tool (specific only to My Career Angels) to better understand YOU.
  • Discover your career goals and how to obtain them.
  • Bring light on career options and roles you can consider, with jobs you can apply to TODAY!
  • Understand what obstacles you are facing and how to overcome them easier.
  • Guide you on how to be successful in implementing the right strategies for your career path for success.



Our guarantee:

If on completion of your coaching package we have not found a path you are happy to consider, then we will continue working for you (at no additional charge*) until we find a career/job/industry/direction that sparks an interest.

How it works:

  1. Request a free call with us today where we we will learn about your exact needs and tell you how we can help
  2. We will provide you with four separate coaching sessions
  3. You will be given a detailed, personalised report on different career path options and how to obtain them
  4. You will receive two of our eBook, absolutely free.
  5. You will also receive 15% off any future purchase of any of our products or services (valid up to 12 months after initial purchase date)
  6. You will be able to have ongoing communication with us throughout your career journey – we are here to support you all the way.


This package is valued at $5,000 but finding the right career path
and rewarding journey is now only $1,799 – that’s a savings of over $3,200!

“With the help of My Career Angels I was able to identify an industry that ticked all my boxes…” – Sharlene M


*You will need to give reasonable reasons why the career/industries presented to you are not suitable. You will also need to work with us to help delve deeper and find the best career path for you.

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