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AI and Job Interviews

As if interviewing for a new job was not hard enough, now we have a new process to work with and around – Artificial Intelligence (AI).

You would have heard something about AI here and there, it really is the latest news buzzing around. How AI is changing the world…or taking over it… depending on what you read and hear. Whilst it is true, AI such as ChatGPT, Virtual Agents and Biometrics is taking over our daily lives, seemingly to aid us with various tasks such as information sharing, writing reports by converting speech into helpful formates, connecting with others and decision making. We can in turn see how AI is changing the recruitment process and fast. Regardless whether we believe it is for the best or not, it is happening. Both parties, recruiters and job seekers use this plateform to improve their process. The question is, who benefits more, the hiring manager or candidate?

AI can be very useful to individuals who are seeking a new job role, such as assisting with resume writing and even providing best responses to interview skills. Nonetheless, the technology does indeed go both ways and is increasingly being used in the job search process for hiring managers by helping sift and sort through resumes, filter through interview responses and even go as far as facial recognition tools to determine candidates physical behaviour when answering questions. So whilst yes, you can use the AI tool to respond back to the AI itself, as a job seekers you need to first tailor your resume and applications to include relevant keywords and phrases, which will be recognised by AI algorithms. Nail that, you will be invited to interview. Then, once you do get the interview, you need to pass the process and provide key responses the AI is programmed to filter. Without that, you wont even have a chance to interview with a physical person.

If you need help with understanding what key words are to be used in a resume and interview, reach out to us, My Career Angels, as we have a number of resume writing and interview coaching packages that are personalised and effective with both hiring managers and AI technology.

That aside, it is key to know how AI will affect your job interviewing process and how to work with it.

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AI Interviewing Skills

AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants are being used more frequently to conduct initial screening interviews. These tools are designed to ask candidates questions and provide responses based on their answers, helping to identify the most qualified candidates for further consideration.

When it comes to interview skills, it’s important to be aware of the potential use of AI during the hiring process. For example, some companies may use facial recognition software to analyse a candidate’s facial expressions during an interview, or use natural language processing to analyse their responses to interview questions.

To prepare for these potential AI tools, it’s important to practice clear and concise communication skills and be familiar with common interview questions and how to answer them effectively. Additionally, candidates should be prepared to showcase their technical skills and experience with AI technologies if relevant to the position they are applying for.

Here is an interesting article on this topic for you to read and how to successfully prepare for such an interview.

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How You Can Use AI In Your Next Job Interview

Use AI to provide answers to questions on your behalf in your next job interview.

Ok, this does sound like cheating, but if you shift your perspective, you can consider AI as simply a tool to help you articulate your skills and experience in a way that sells you for you. The same way you would hire an interview coach, you can utilise the AI system to your advantage.

We do not condone lying in any way so this is not what we are suggesting to use the tool for. However, the reality is, if you are not able to express your answers in a clear and effective way, then the hiring manager will not see your value.

The AI tool will not replace your skills and experience, it can simply provide you with the words that explains those skills to the recruiter in a way that meets their requirements.

What you can do is predict the type of questions you will be asked and practice with the AI before your next interview. Just do not go as far as this guy here – read the article.

We hope you have taken the time to read the articles we have shared. It provides you with the key insights you need to know in order to prepare yourself for your next interview.

Do not forget, if you need personalised assistance with answering questions for your next job interview, then reach out to us, My Career Angels. Otherwise, please download our free Interview Questions guide to help you prep further – Understanding Interview Questions guide.


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