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Which Career Is For Me?

Have you ever found yourself sitting thinking ‘what career is best for me?’

A pretty loaded question – how can it be simply answered?

A career choice is a significant decision to make. It is something you invest your time and energy in. Time to train and up skill yourself, time on the job to perfect the craft and scale up, and time to network and build relationships within the industry. Years go into careers; it almost becomes a personal identity.

When people first meet, the question asked the most is “what do you do for a living?” We connect each other to their careers, their profession. So when you sit and ask ‘what career is for me?’ you are basically sitting and asking ‘who am I?’ That is a very complicated question to answer and one you cannot just Google your way through.

Finding who you are is the best link to finding what career would suit you. This will involve a lot of soul searching. Whilst there is a number of good tests you can take to determine which is the best career suited to you, for example; our career quiz can help you narrow things down but it’s then up to you to dig deeper. These tests/quiz’s don’t usually go deep down into the core of your likes, dislikes, personality, past experiences and so forth. To find out what role suits you goes beyond the work, and should take a further look into what the role actually means. Does it mean long hours, late nights, potentially emotionally draining, not creative enough, limited jobs in the industry and so on.

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To give you an example, I really love helping people. I love to listen to their problems and find wise solutions. I believe I am good at it too. The people I help are my family and friends. I often think I could have made a good psychologist and it would suit me and most career testing would even say I am suited to this role as a career option. It would indeed tick a lot of my boxes in terms of personal strengths, likes, wants, basic personality traits and so forth.

The one major thing stopping me from pursuing this career and basically, preventing me from ever becoming a psychologist is the fact that I take things so deeply to heart, any patient with significant trauma, I would struggle to detach myself from and eventually it would consume me. Knowing my personality better than a generic testing form, I know I do not even want to become the type of person who is desensitised from feeling. I don’t want to change that aspect of my personality as it is what makes me, me. Thus, psychologist is out. But career coach is still helping others with their problems. Im still using my skills, my passion to help others, just in a way that is emotionally suitable.

So, what is in then?  How do you know what works for you?

The process seems simple enough, but it is not as easy as it comes across. You will need to look at yourself in a way you probably have not in a very long time. Your wants, needs, likes, dislikes, skills, strengths, weakness, and so forth. You need to build a picture of who you are in order to find what would suit you best.

We actually have a pretty cool tool you can use to help you dig a little deeper into who you are and what career paths would suit you the most.

We suggest you download this guide for free – Job Application Checklist. The first half of the document will allow you to look at yourself in a very holistic form to determine which career and direction would suit you.

After you get the guide, you can chose take this quiz we have formulated, as we mentioned earlier, to get an idea of the type of roles you could consider before you do the document, it may help to get the ball rolling a little easier.

If all else fails, and you still struggle to make the choice of the best career option for you, this is why we are here. Your career coaches. We know this is not an easy decision to make and a little help can go a long way. You can send us a request for a free call to see how we can help you work out the best career options. However, at the end of the day, we and anyone else out there can only guide you, show you the doors you can chose, we can even help you open those doors, however, it’s you who knows you best and what is the right path for you to walk.


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“The elevator to success is out of order.

You’ll have to use the stairs, one step at a time.”

— Joe Girard

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