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Meet Sharlene, ambitious and looking for a change of pace.

Sharlene struggled to find her place in the corporate world for years…..

With the help of My Career Angels she was able to identify an industry that ticked all her boxes. She was able to find a role that helped her feel fulfilled and allowed her to follow her passion.

Here’s what Sharlene has said about her experience with My Career Angels:

“I have spent the majority of my career jumping from one role to another. It was not because I was unable to keep a job, or able to commit to employment, it was because I was not able to realise my passion. I was searching for a career that not only gave me a sense of self accomplishment, a sense of fulfilment in what I did, but a sense of feeling I am in the right place that challenged and provided continues growth.

Feeling like I had not found my place in the world, I knew something had to change. The way I saw it, I had two options; 1. Stay in any job and just do my best day-to-day, but knowing I would not be feel I would reach my full potential or 2. Go seek some advice and assistance from professionals in career advice and support. It was obvious I could not do it on my own; after all, I tried for years with no success, little direction and the feeling of being lost without purpose.

Since I knew I did not want to spend my life unhappy, I sought help with My Career Angels.

The consultants at My Career Angels were a crucial part of my career success in identifying the ideal career in Aviation! I always knew I would enjoy Aviation, I was just not sure that I had the resources to follow this dream. Working with My Career Angels, they were able to show me the clear goals and steps I needed to take to make my career dreams a reality.

My Career Angels supported me through the whole process; they gave me the confidence I needed to move forward.

My Career Angels helped me identify an industry where my skills and interests would thrive, and a role where I would appreciate the work I would do which fit with my personality. I was successfully accepted into a pilot cadet program and I am enjoying every moment of it!

What I appreciate about My Career Angels is that they took the time to understand me and my skillset and interests, and there was a thorough attention to detail throughout the entire process of working together. I felt listened to, and that they had the professionalism and experience to determine the most suitable industry for me to pursue, along with the best goal plan.

I am grateful for the guidance I received from My Career Angels, and for the fact that I felt valued as a client, rather than feeling like a number (as I often would with a larger recruitment company, just for the sake of being placed into any role). I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to advance in their careers and optimize their application skills.”

Sharlene M – Pilot Cadet

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