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3 fool proof ways to keep up with job searching trends


Blink and you will miss it. The world is moving at a rapid pace; changes are happening faster than we can keep up with. I still remember dial up internet and feeling pretty pleased about it, happily listening to the dial up tone as it slowly connected me to the World Wide Web. Now if my laptop takes a second longer to download one page I am wondering if I should upgrade both computer and service provider at once.

There will always be an “upgrade” option because things keep moving forward. We find better ways of doing things, of moving, of growing. Yes, sure, at times our “upgrades” can make life harder too (such as not being able to switch off from our phones), but it also can make things much easier.

On top of this, new trends keep emerging and keeping up with them can seem almost impossible. Fashion trends, social media trends (who remembers planking?), words such as YOLO/FOMO/FAM, dating trends and even job searching trends are coming and going. It is just hard to know which trend is coming and which one is now going (insert confused emoji here).

We at My Career Angels, may not be on top of all trends at all times, however, we have made it our business to be on top of the job searching trend. So here are three key things you need to do to always stay in the loop when it comes to job searching.

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Whilst networking was always around, it was not the main go-to for finding a new job. Now there are apps such as meetup, and online platforms (LinkedIn) dedicated to networking, especially industry based networks. Statistically, 85% of jobs are filled through networking. So this is one trend you do not want to be missing.

We understand that reaching out to strangers can be difficult for some so we suggest reaching out to just a few people per day or go to one networking event for month. Start slowly and you’ll see that soon you will be more confident and have no problem introducing yourself to others.

How does it help you to keep up with future trends?

Now that you are networking, if any new ways of job hunting appear you will know about it…why? because your networks will tell you. So make sure whoever you connect with are only going to add value to your career, not distract you away from it.

Don’t forget the saying – it is not what you know, but who you know! 

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Social Media

So social media is a great place to find new roles (and yes it is a relatively new trend). Since the platforms connect to a wider audience, it is used more by companies and hiring managers to promote new open roles. It is also very cost effective for them. It does not limit companies to just one type of job search, they can spread the word further, faster and cheaper. This is also a great tool for companies because they are able to see you as well. If you can find them, they can find you – so be sure to keep your profiles set to private and professional when you are using them to apply to/search for jobs.

The best platforms to find open roles are:

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and at times, even Instagram. Facebook and LinkedIn even have pages dedicate for job postings and searching.

How does it help you to keep up with future trends?

The best part about jumping online and creating social profiles is that when new trends appear, social media is quick to tell you about it. So make sure that you follow credible individuals or organisations that have their finger on the pulse, such as us (My Career Angels), Resumes To You and Career Bend.

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This is similar to networking, however, a mentor is someone who you build a much stronger relationship with. Whilst a network is someone who you can connect with from time-to-time to keep the relationship ‘warm’, a mentor is someone who dedicates their time in sharing knowledge, wisdom, experience and guidance.

A mentor is someone who should be more experienced than you to be able to show you the right paths to walk or at least give you as much information as possible so you can make a more educated choice about the best path for yourself. You can pay for a mentor, or you can find one through networking and even government initiatives.

How does it help you to keep up with future trends?

You can have more than one mentor. You can select a mentor within your industry as well as a career coaching mentor to help you know what is happening in the market place and how to elevate your position.

By developing a positive working relationship with a career coach, such as My Career Angels, you should be able to always have an open door policy to ask simple questions, such as “what is trending now”. If by chance you cannot adapt to the new trend, then that is when the coach can step in and help you in a different way. So do not dismiss a good career coach as part of your mentorship portfolio.


Resume and Interview

a new trend we would love to share with you

How we create resumes and even interview is very different to how it was three years ago. So what is trending now?

Resumes – the information we include has changes a lot. Private and personal information was always frowned upon, however, now even less is expected to be included. You do not have to include your entire residential address just your suburb is enough, instead opt for including your LinkedIn url to expand your resume information.

How we present the resume is also different. There is a unique layout where hiring managers expect information to be presented, as well as what kind of information they are looking for (think selection criteria and career profiles instead of career summary).

Video resumes are now also a thing. Whilst it has not replaced soft copies of a resume uploaded to a link, video resumes may become more and more accepted and even requested. Watch this space.

Pre- selection questions. When you apply via a job searching engine there is now a number of pre-screening questions you must complete. Your results from this pre-screening will determine if your resume is looked it at all. It makes the filtering system a lot faster for hiring managers and gives them a better understanding of your skills, expectations and capacity to work.

ATS (Application Tracking Software) – an even more effective way of filtering resumes, this software is used by larger organisations where a software scans your resume for key words. This is where your resume layout, formatting and content becomes wildly important.

Job Interviews – thanks to Covid, interviews are now more often being conducted remotely via Zoom, Teams or other forms of video communication. Where once this was not at all a consideration, unless you were living overseas or interstate, it is now a common practice and most likely here to stay.

Video interviews – like the video resume, pre recorded questions can be sent to you where you have one minute to record your answer. Yes, this is a thing and may even become the new way of interviewing in the future. It after-all is very time effective for everyone…but not very personal or easy for the candidate to tell a whole story in under one minute, so we hope it does not catch on too quickly.

Do not forget, if you need help with your resume writing or interview skills, this is what we are here for. Check out our services here.


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