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What Resume Template Is The Most Successful?

Straight out of the bat, I am going to tell you which resume template is the most successful and why. Ready? None of them are! Sorry to burst that bubble, but no resume template is going to give you key information, how to use it and where to use it. Sure, it will give you a template, but a template is not enough. It wont be successful because not all resumes are meant to flow equally – for some job applications you need to put your skills at the very top, others your education needs to be seen first. Can a resume template tell you what needs to go where when? Also, many resume templates prompt job seekers to include irrelevant information, such as references and personal address, whilst not guiding useful input of information such as your LinkedIn profile link. Many resume templates are not up-to-date with the fast changes of job application needs.

It is basically like having a template to sew a dress without the instructions on how to sew a dress…an outdated vintage style dress at that.

What is also true about resume templates is: they want to sell you on the idea that fancy is best. That the more “designed” your resume looks, the higher chances of getting that phone call and job interview is. This is a major trap. Do not fall for it. Why? Because most companies today use ATS (Application Tracking Systems) and this AI is not very clever – it cannot read the following: any text that is inside a table, header, footer, image or within a banner. Most people like to put key information inside banners along the side of their resume, accompanied with a photo of themselves. Consider that entire page illegible, thus moving your resume to the unsuccessful pile. So the hiring manager will never even have the chance to see how fancy your resume looks.

If the organisation does not use ATS and your ‘fancy looking’ resume does get seen by the hiring manager, it may be a nice visual surprise for them, however, it does not mean you will be on top of the leader board for it. It is not how it looks, rather what is written and how easily is it to be read.

Many fancy resumes are actually difficult to read. Typically, a resume should follow a certain formula. Every hiring manager knows this formula and expects to see it – if they don’t see the information where it should be, do not think they will start a search party looking for it. The very opposite, they have no time to uncover a detective’s case; they will simply assume you do not have what the role needs and again, move you to unsuccessful pile.

But do not fear – not all is lost. There are solutions to this problem and a resume template can come in handy if you know what to write, how to write it and where to write it.

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Understanding Resumes

You need to understand how resumes are to be written. There are a number of options to consider in learning how to do this.

  1. Hire a resume writer. This is the simplest and most efficient way. And we are not saying this because we are resume writers. It is because a resume writer, a good one in any case, knows exactly what hiring managers are looking for and should be able to provide you with the perfect resume. The return on your investment should be seen sooner rather than later with more phone calls leading to job offers. As part of our own services, we provide coaching on how to write a resume along side a brand new resume, so you will not need to hire a resume writer again (you need to alter your resume for every job application and you cannot hire a resume writer for every single job posting you see) saving you money for years to come and giving you the skills to get that job interview with more ease. Check out our resume writing packages here.
  2. Download our free The Art Of Resume Writing guide to support you. Give it a shot yourself, it is very helpful and will get you a good head start.
  3. Connect with a friend who was successful in their job application and ask them to send their resume over so you can compare it with yours and use it as a base.
  4. Call the hiring manager and ask for feedback on your resume and what they recommend. It is them after all who is reading it.
  5. Read the job ads carefully to understand the selection criteria and what is needed for the role.
  6. Know that the first 1/3 of any resume is what any hiring manager will see, so all the really important stuff needs to be there.

So the final thought is this – a resume template is good if you know how to use it. Otherwise, no resume template comes with an instruction manual and simply following it step-by-step will be a mistake. So if you are using a template and wondering why you are still not getting any phone calls, this is your answer. So stop searching for that ‘perfect’ template and start learning how to write a resume.

Don’t forget, reach out to us if you need any assistance.


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