Job hunting in 2023?

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“I worked with My Career Angels Consultant on my interview skills. I often felt nervous during interviews and as a result I froze and found it difficult to recall responses. For that, I felt deterred going to many interviews. Working on my interview skills (as well as skills to taper my nerves) and practicing interview responses with the consultant, I felt a lot more confident moving forward, and even applied to interview for a promotion within the company I worked for.

Thank you My Career Angels.”

Ekaterina G. – Project Manager, VIC

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the eBooks or the one-on-one coaching guarantee me a job?

No, we cannot guarantee you will get a job immediately after reading our eBooks or immediately after our coaching session, because we do not control the job market or the hiring managers decision-making strategies. 

However, we can guarantee you will walk away with a stronger knowledge base on how to actively and successfully apply for and interview for a job. You will walk away feeling more confident in yourself and the process. We can guarantee the skills you will learn will enhance and give you higher chances of success when searching for and applying to jobs.

Why should I choose My Career Angels eBooks or the one-on-one coaching over another agency?

There are many good career consultants out there and you have a great deal of options at your disposal. It all comes down to what you feel and who you feel most comfortable with. Our eBooks are designed for you to learn about, feel confident in and gain awareness about your career and job market, all in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. Our eBooks are simple to understand, straightforward, without any ‘fluff’. They will provide you with information you cannot simply get over the internet. They are designed by career specialists, who have a lot of ‘secrets of the trade’ to share.  

The one-on-one coaching is also conducted online via Zoom. This too allows you to have the pleasure of meeting a consultant at the comfort of your own home. It also does not limit you to meet with someone from your own city, or even country. You can reach out from anywhere in the world and speak with one of us. 

We, additionally pride on the fact that our prices are very competitive and our packages offer a great deal of useful information. In many cases, our products and services offer more for less than most other agencies. 

If you are still unsure if we are the right fit for you, please feel free to read our blogs and download our free resources. 

How can we help you achieve your goals?

Our client, Sharlene, got the career of her dreams

"My Career Angels supported me through the whole process; they gave me the confidence I needed to move forward..."

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