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The Great Resignation

What does this mean for your career?


Covid has changed all our lives. It has changed how we view our own existence and how we conduct our daily activities. This can be from our relationships with others, to how we treat our bodies, to how we spend our time such as where we go to work and what roles/industries we choose to work in. It has lead to the phenomenon of the ‘Great Resignation’.

What is the Great Resignation?

The Great Resignation, also known as the Big Quit and the Great Reshuffle, is an ongoing economic trend in which employees have voluntarily resigned from their jobs en masse, beginning in early 2021. (

So what has lead to this?

Covid has opened individuals eyes to:

  • Wage stagnation – no increase or changes to ones salary over an extended period of time can cause frustration.
  • Cost of living increase – 2022 has brought on more price rises making living expense almost unaffordable for many. This then leads to the activity of seeking a higher paying career.
  • Job dissatisfaction – having more time away from work to sit and contemplate can unearth the true feelings one has to their job.


Another shift Covid has brought is the ‘work-life‘ balance where employees have been able to see that their tasks were and are easily completed from home. Thus, less and less workers want to return to the office, which means job seekers will look for organisations who are more flexible with working arrangements and have adopted to the new way of working.

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What are the benefits of this shift?

There are many benefits to an individual who seeks a career change. If you are unhappy, unfulfilled and dissatisfied in your career then it is always encouraged to seek alternative work. After all, you are at work more than anywhere else during the days and weeks. Negative environments, feeling of disconnect and unhappiness can lead to serious mental health issues.

If you were in a toxic relationship, the best advice you would be given is to leave that relationship. Employment is a relationship, just like any other. There is giving and taking. If what you are given is not meeting your basic needs and wants, then it is not the right connection for you.

This is where the journey of seeking alternative paths begins to hopefully get you on a better path. The benefit of changing careers, industries or simply just a change in job title can have many positive impacts on you. You may see yourself happier, with less stress around you. But is it so simple? What other ripple effects does your resignation have on you? How will it change your day-to-day life for you and your family? If you currently going through this journey and are struggling, we can help guide you with your career change process.

So, the next question is, what ripple effects does a mass resignation have on the community?

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The side effects

Of course, with light there is darkness. So whilst the desire for you to find yourself and your passion is strong, it does not mean your journey will be smooth.

Everyone’s experience, skills and knowledge is transferable, however, there are limitations between certain industries in which ones skill is able to cross over easily. For example, if you were working in a construction company doing administration, then of course, you can transfer this skill to another administration role within a different industry, one which may be less stressful or even pays more.

However, if you are working in the construction industry as a brick layer and you decide you want to become an electrician because the wages are better, then the transition is not as simple. It would require retraining; obtaining certifications and licenses to perform the new role.

The impact this causes on the community is vast. When the majority of workers decide to change industries they cannot simply or easily slide across. Companies will suddenly find a shortage in skilled workforce and many gaps. They will need to fill the roles which have been left open. Other organisations, such as retail or hospitality may find a shortage of people willing to work the long hours and lower salary. With the pressure of needing to fill positions, employers may begin to hire anyone who is willing to work, however in the long run; this may be detrimental to the company as quality of work results may be drastically lowered.

It is also important for you to know that right now, the rumour that all companies are hiring “anyone and everyone” is false. There are companies out there that are just trying to fill positions and have become more flexible with their requirements, however the majority are still sticking to the level of expertise required to fill their roles and that is why so many out there are still finding it difficult to land a new job, even when so much opportunity is presented to them.

Is there a solution?

Yes, a great retraining is where this can all lead. The workforce will in the short term struggle to fill their need for staff, and employees may also see a delay in their new career venture. However, as long as individuals are happy and willing to spend time retraining as part of their career journey, soon enough more and more skilled workforce will come up.

Companies can employ and offer on the job training as part of the helping hand to close the gap between unskilled employees and the need to find good workers. Training and Education Institutions can work together with individuals to find ways that are flexible and affordable to learn a new skill in a timely manner. As long as the community works together with support and encouragement, there can be amazing changes for the future. Is it a pipe dream thinking the community will band together to support individual dreams? We hope not and only time will tell.

Do not forget, we at My Career Angels are here to help and support you through your career journey, whether it is for a career change or help you to nail that job interview; we have a variety of coaching packages that are right for you and meet your needs. Why not check them out today here.


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