Job hunting in 2023?

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4 fast ways to find open jobs


Looking for a new job but don’t have the time to sit there every day to scroll through all the thousands of roles out there? Well, do not fear, we have some great tips to accelerate your job searching process and find those roles you are seeking quickly and easily.

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Step 1 – Be Specific

You need to be very specific about the roles you are looking for. It is about narrowing down the jobs you want to do and that match your skill set.

By knowing the role you want, it can help you narrow down your search and those key words. You can then scan the job ads effectively for key words in terms of selection criteria and job duties. If they are not ticking your boxes, then you move on. By having a plan mapped out about your exact role, it will make searching faster and take away ‘umming and ahhing’ over roles and removes the need to make decisions over each job ad you see. You take your time once to make the choice of what you want and then laser focus on that.

If you feel you need assistance in discovering your ideal role then we have the perfect career coaching service for you. This service is not limited to just career change, it can focus on your career direction, no matter what stage or movement.


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Step 2 – Have A Plan

Humans work better when there is structure in their days/lives. In order to have a structure that works and you stick to, having a plan can help. Part of this plan needs to outline when (time of day) you will job search and where.

Where is the key. Where will you find those open roles? How will you find them? There are a number of useful tools where open roles exist, such as Job Search Engines, LinkedIn, Facebook and via networking.

Perhaps your plan can look like this – Monday: seek job roles via 3 specific Job Search Engines and reach out to 2 networks. Tuesday: visit 3 other job search engine platforms. Wednesday: check LinkedIn and Facebook. Thursday: recheck top Job Search Engine and on Friday follow up on networks.

If you need help to set up your goals/plans and keep you on track, then download our free Career Planning Guide .

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Step 3 – Add Alerts

Get notifications when jobs are posted. Job Search Engines such as can send you alters to your email whenever a new role is posted that matches your criteria. You can even activate Facebook to inform you when a page that focuses on open jobs has a new post.

This way, you will always be in the know when a new role pops up and you won’t need to spend time searching it yourself.

Time saved!

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Step 4 – Communicate It

You need to put it out there and get others to do the job for you. Reaching out to your networks and asking them to filter the information across to their networks is one very effective way. Simply follow up at least once a week to see what progress THEY have made in finding an open role for you.

Post it on Facebook that you are looking for work so that your “friends” can see and let you know of any roles they are aware of. Generally, people like to help other people.

On LinkedIn make sure that you have the icon on your profile photo set to “open for work”. This will let perspective headhunters see that you are open and connect with you, without you needing to find them.

Connect with recruitment agencies. They may at times be slow, but they do have a folder full of open roles, so if something comes up that they believe would be perfect for you, be sure they will reach out. Keep the relationship warm by reaching out every few weeks for updates.

So there you have it. 4 easy and fast ways pf finding open roles in the wild employment market.

If you need a strong resume writer, interview training and/or career coach, then you don’t need to spend much time looking for one either, you found us! We at My Career Angels are dedicated to helping job seekers find their perfect job with as much ease as possible.

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