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Career Advancement…but at what cost?

Many of us want to level up our careers. We daydream about the position, title, responsibilities, pay check, and the lifestyle we would get when we reach the ultimate height in our career journey.

However, how many of us actually consider the cost of levelling up and reaching our career goals?

One thing I have said time and time again: “nothing is for free”. Everything has a price and so does your career. It is not simply the price the role will pay you, but the price you will pay for being in that position.

So let me break it down – let me discuss the various ‘fees’ you will pay in your life to reach the top of the mountain within your industry. But, before I continue, I want to make one thing clear – in no way am I saying this price is not worth paying. This is a personal individual choice and there is no judgement either way. However, as a Career Coach, I feel it is my duty to inform you the realities of the good, bad and pricy.

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Cost of TIME

Time is money as they say. If you want to grow your career and reach management or higher levels, then you will need to invest time…and plenty of it.

Time to grow your skills, knowledge, networks, and taking on extra projects.

Of course, with higher level of responsibilities more of your time is demanded. So whilst you put time to level up, once you have, you will need to carve out even more time to fulfil the position.

We all live within the same 24 hour time frame, so you will need to divide your time accordingly…no extra hours will be given to you simply because you want to level up.

Whilst some may choose their time to relax, binge watching tv, seeing friends, or spending with family; you, on the other hand may choose to go to networking events, take up short courses and stay back in the office. The more work you take on, the less time you will have for yourself, your family, and to do other things in your life.

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As we mentioned already, your time will be limited for spending it on family and friends. The reality is this – if you end up with an upper level management role, the position may require you to travel, be available at all hours of the day and possibly weekends. This may not be true for every role, however, we can assume for most.

This would result in less time at home with family/friends and more time plugged into your phone, laptop and dealing with projects in the office rather than projects around the house and with the family.

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Cost of HEALTH

With more power comes more responsibilities. This means the more you have on your plate, the more pressure you will feel. As a result, higher levels of stress will impact your overall health.

Not to mention the lack of time to eat well, sleep well, workout and focus on your mental health too.

To help manage some of those stress levels, download our free 11 Proven Ways To Manage Stress Guide.

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The golden handcuffs. Whether you are working for someone or for yourself…your freedom to do as you please when you please would not be as flexible.

If you are responsible for a major project, then you cannot simply jet off on a holiday half way through or log off early to catch a dinner and a show. You have a responsibility and requirement to complete all tasks when needed.

If you need to hop onto a plane and travel across the world to meet with a client, then you hop on a plane – it does not matter that you have made plans to your friends 40th birthday party. You are locked into the responsibilities you have signed yourself up for. Especially if it is your own business. If you drop the ball, you can drop a lot more than a client – you can lose money and your job.

But it may be worth it

I know I have made it seem like the price of levelling up is not worth it, but that is not necessarily the case. Firstly, your personal ambition and life goals are important and anything worth while will require some level of sacrifice.

The main thing is that you are able to carve time where you can for yourself, your family and your mental health. At the end of the day, if your salary is supporting your family, then that is already one price worth paying. If your sacrifice makes you feel accomplished, and provides you with a sense of purpose, then that too is a price worth paying.

The key is to work together with your family and friends and find a balance that works for everyone, including yourself.

Check out How To Manage A Better Work-Life Balance article here.

If you need help in levelling up your career and how to organise it in the most effective way, then reach out to us for a free, zero obligation call. Simply send us a request today.


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