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Which Job Search Engine Is Best?

Exploring Three Key Options

Is it time to start looking for a new job? Do you know which job search engine you should be using?

Most of us gravitate to what we know and stick to it. We know there are various job searching options out there, but with so many to choose from, it can be confusing to decide which one is worth investing time in. With that, we become disabled to make a choice and as a result stay with what is safe and what has worked in the past.

Fair enough, we don’t blame you for that. However, you really are limiting yourself by using one job search engine and/or method. With so many doors to open, why would you only open one? It is basically putting all your eggs into the one basket.

We are not here to start a Job Search Engine war…we are simply here to inform you of what is out there and which ones you should consider using.

But first let us explain what a job search engine is: it is an online electronic job searching platform where companies post open roles for job seekers to explore and apply to. 

Now, let us start off with the usual suspects – Seek, Indeed, CareerOne, Monster, GlassDoor and SimplyHired. Usually companies use multiple platforms to advertise the same role, so chances are you will find the same job on Seek as you would on Indeed. However, it wouldn’t hurt to pick two search engines from this list, such as Seek (being a more mature, well known platform – established in 1997) and SimplyHired (being a newer less known search engine, established in 2004). This way, you have a chance to spread your search over two sites which may target different companies and their budgets.

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Did You Know…

But, did you know there are specialised job search engines specific for various roles and industries!? Searching for a role within your specific industry will help narrow positions down. The job roles promoted are directly aligned to you with no other industry positions to filter through.

Here are some examples of such job search engines:

Hospitality: Hospoworld; Flexjobs; cvgt; scoutjobs

Building and Construction: Jora; conecta; jobsinconstruction

Administration: AdministrationJobs; WorkForce Australia

Sales: SalesJobs; SalesHeads; TheLions

The easiest way to find a specific job search engine for your role/industry is to search online using key words such as “job search sites for sales/hairdressing/marketing…” it’s as simple as that!

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Social Media Job Search Engines

Social media is fun- we post, we share, we are entertained…however, these sites are also very useful in finding open roles. Especially from sites which have been created for professionals in mind – the number one site being LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has become a very useful job search engine over the years and it will only become better. Do yourself a favour and make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and looking sharp. If you need assistance with your LinkedIn profile then check out how we can help here

Even if you apply with a resume via Seek, the hiring manager will still visit your LinkedIn profile to get a greater understanding of you as a candidate. So do not overlook this power job search engine. 

Don’t forget FaceBook. With many pages designed for specific industries and roles, you will be able to see multiple new job opportunities, as well as recruiters and agencies promoting themselves. Being a free service, many hiring managers are taking advantage of this platform. You should too!

For both platforms, you can start by following hashtags (#) of specific roles, such as #accounting, and search for specific pages such as ‘jobs in Sydney”. You can start broad and then narrow it down to specific roles, industries and locations.

We could list more…but for the sake of not making this confusing and you feeling like you are back at square one, we decided to be specific and give a small handful of effective options.

So to sum things up – stay with what you know, add one more larger job search engine such as Indeed, find a job search engine that is specific to your industry and role such as Jora and SalesHead, and check out social media. Now you have four or five doors open to you.

To simplify things even further, search on one job site a night- and don’t forgot to record your job applications. This will avoid you from being confused where you found each role, doubling up on your applications and losing track. Why not download our free Job Application Tracker to help you. We have specifically designed this to ensure you stay on top of your applications and track your progress. Get your copy here ; it will become your holy grail once you start rolling with your applications.

We hope this has cleared things up for you and allows you to explore more opportunities for yourself, opening more doors and giving you extra chances to find your ideal role.


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— Paulo Coelho

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