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Which Job Search Site Is Best?

Ahhh, the great debate! Which job search site is best? This question has been argued back and forth by recruiters, HR managers, career coaches, job seekers, hiring managers and alike for decades. Well, honestly, we personally do not believe there is a straight answer to this as we see value in many job search engines and methods, however, doing a google search it looks like others disagree and there seems to be an answer after all.

The 9 Best Job Search Websites of 2023 as found on the balance money


Job search engine
Job search engine

But are these the only sites we believe rate well?

We feel a few have been overlooked. One of our all time favourite job search engines in Seek.

Seek is incredibly user friendly, it allows you to narrow down your job searches to very direct roles and industries, the job ads are easy to read, they provide free advice in maximising your job searches, provide you with industry knowledge, gives you feedback on organisation rating from other employees, and so much more.

Whilst Indeed, on the other hand do not filter roles as easily, the job ads are difficult to read and you are shown multiple roles that are of no value to you. You need to sift through the list of jobs just to find one possible role. Honestly, it is a confusing layout and you cannot save just one job to your personal account, like you can on Seek.

So why do companies use Indeed? The benefit of Indeed for organisations is they can link the job ad from their website directly. It also allows their job ads to be seen by a larger group, as the roles are not as easily filtered such as on Seek. Personally we don’t see the value, as it may get more eyes on the role, but it does not mean it is targeting the right people.

Seek, on the other hand is expensive for companies to use, however, nowhere near as expensive as LinkedIn. LinkedIn still remains a very costly process for hiring manager to post open jobs too.

Cost aside, however, there is benefit to Seek for companies as well. The job search engine allows the hiring manager to put in selective questions that will assist in narrowing down candidates and help filter like an ATS, without the ATS price tag.

So it does baffle us why Seek is not on the list. With more pros than cons, in our professional opinion, Seek is a viable contender.

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But what about Websites directly?

The best job search site can be the direct company website. Go straight to the source we say.

It may not be easy to actually find the right role via a job search site, it could be hidden behind tens or even hundreds of other job postings. Going right to the company website and entering their ‘careers page’ you will be able to see the current open roles and apply right through to the company. This even shows your dedication to a hiring manager – you did not just filter the role via a job search engine, you took the time and effort to go directly to the company itself.

This is not a job search site…it is better.

Networking is responsible for 80% of job hires. This means you increase your chances by using your networks rather than cold job applications.

So whilst job search engines and such have their place and always will, a good network will be your best job searching lifeline.

Download the app – MeetUp to start networking. LinkedIn is also a great tool for this. Go through your contacts list in your phone and emails and start connecting with who you know.

At the end of the day, it is a matter of ensuring you do not place all your eggs in one basket. Use LinkedIn, use FaceBook, use your networks, jump on Indeed, Seek, Monster and even specialised job search engine platforms such as Jora, to find your perfect role.

If you need help in job searching, then contact us. We specialise in job searching, resume writing, interviews skills, LinkedIn optimisation and so much more. Check out our Coaching Services here.


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