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How To Find The Right Career Coach

3 Steps to Get You There


With so many Career Coaches out there, how do you know which one is the best fit for you and your needs? You may need a resume rewrite, a LinkedIn refresh, interview training or simply help in the job-searching journey. Not all career coaches or career mentors are the same. Some may specialise in one area such as resume writing and others may be better suited for interview assistance.

Certain coaches are direct and to the point, having you come in and out as quickly as possible giving you just what you signed up for and nothing else. Other coaches prefer to build a relationship with you and almost become your mentor long term. It is all in individual coaching styles, no right or wrong. So how do you know which coach best suits you and your needs? Here are three things to do before selecting your career consultant.

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What help do you need?

First things first – understand your needs. What assistance are you requiring? What are your goals and what outcomes do you want to achieve from a coaching session. There may be a chance you do not know where you are going wrong in your job-searching journey. This then becomes a need in itself– a need to discover where your gaps are. So perhaps, in this scenario a coach who focuses on one area only may not be your best choice. You will need to look for someone who focuses on all or multiple areas of employment and career development training.

Once you know your goals and needs, list them out. Seeing it visually can help you build a clearer picture. For example:


To upgrade my resume and learn how to find the right roles for my career goals.

Desired Outcome:

To have a stronger more polished resume that will get me an increase in phone calls from hiring managers.

To have a better direction on where to find roles and how to effectively understand the job advertisement to see if it aligns with my skills and career goals.

To walk away from the coaching sessions more confident and see results from it.

To have a mentor for life, and comfortable to reconnect if I have any further questions after our sessions are complete.

Do Your Research:

Second Step: now it is time to research your coaches. There are a number of ways you can do this. Firstly, networking – do you know anyone who has seen a career coach and can give you first hand information on his or her processes and outcomes?

Search Engines – most of us will turn to the Internet and start typing key words such as “career coaches” “Career coach near me” “best career coach” “career consultant” “resume writers” “interview training” and so forth. A list of coaches and companies will appear before your eyes. Click on their website, read about them, see what they offer, their methodology, their mission, price list as well. Then read reviews. Compare a few and see which one seems to align with the style and outcome that will meet your goals. Some companies have multiple coaches with different styles of teachings as well – you can reach out to these companies and explain the type of mentor you would prefer (straight to the point, one off meeting or a life-long friend with long conversations) and they can pair you up with the best coach for you.

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Discovery Call:

The Third Step: once you have an idea of which coach would suit you, have a discovery call with them. They are usually free and last around 10 to 20 minutes. In this call, you can inform the career coach what your needs are and see how they can help you. Hearing them talk, explain in more detail their process and how they will assist; can give you a better sense if they are the right fit for you or not.

Make at least two calls to different consultants and see which one aligns with you the most.

Why not make one of those calls to us! We offer a free 20-minute discovery call to see how we can help you. We focus on Resume Writing and Coaching, Interview Coaching, LinkedIn Refresh Training, Job Discovery Coaching and Bespoke Coaching. Since there is more than one coach, we specialise in a few areas more than others – our coach Natasha is a LinkedIn guru, Pauline is an expert in Interview Skills and both of us are strong at resume writing. Let’s get to know each other better and see if we are a fit!

Not sure if you even need a career coach? Well, why don’t you read our blog Should You Hire A Career Coach? Once you have your coach, why don’t you read our blog on How To Work With A Career Coach to maximise your experience.

Still not sure if you are ready to commit to anyone just yet but you do need advice and direction? You can download our FREE Interview Questions and Resume Writing guides or purchase our eBooks  – How To Write A Winning Resume and Understanding Interview Questions. These eBooks are just like having a career coach for the price of your next lunch!


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