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Should You Hire A Career Coach?


Career coaches as far as the eye can see. We seem to be popping up everywhere, along with business coaches, life mentors and the Zen masters. But are we really worth the money? Do you really need one of us to help guide and support you to find a job? Well…in short, yes!

This ‘yes’ does not come out of us because we are career coaches and simply want your business; this ‘yes’ is the reason why we became career coaches. Instead of making this blog about facts and statistics about how many job offers you can get with a coach vs without a coach; we will focus on our personal reason for becoming a career coach and why we strongly believe in the ‘yes’ answer.

Many moons ago we started our careers as humble Human Resource Administrators, you can learn more about us here. As our careers progressed, we moved into the more ‘human’ side of our business. A large part of our work involved recruitment. Working for recruitment agencies and becoming internal hiring managers, we have years of experience reading resumes, interviewing candidates, and even letting employees go. This does not mean we do not know how a candidate feels. Somehow, we had to get our own jobs too. We have also been on the other end of things, looking for work, sending resumes, putting our best selves forward to interview.

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After reviewing and interviewing literally thousands of candidates, we realised that most people had no idea what they were actually doing. Difficult to read resumes, no attention to detail, missing vital information, applying to the wrong positions, interviewing horribly, not answering questions, not listening properly, being unprofessional…and oh the list continues. Each of these candidates was not given a job. But let’s face it, why would you know how to sell yourself in a very particular way without getting any training, information, leads, direction, or support? For example, you are applying for an Accountant position – you are an accountant, you know how to balance a sheet, how to file taxes, how to even be ‘creative’. It is your skill, why suddenly are you able to also know the skill of selling yourself in a very particularly structured document? They are two different skill sets.

Sure, you can go searching information online, or you may even ask a friend to look at their resume and copy it. It worked for your friend; it will work for you too. Not necessarily. There are many factors that play when it comes to job searching. Firstly, how many jobs did your friend apply for? Were they super lucky with the type of hiring manager that got their resume? Do they have an outstanding LinkedIn profile? Were they close networks and referred in the end? Did they manage to interview well?

As for online resumes and advice – they are very general. Your needs, the roles you apply to and the person you are is not generic. To get general information is fine, it is a great starting point, however, what do you do with this information? How do you apply this information in the most effective manner? You may have all the information you need, but no order, direction, or knowledge how to use it.

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This is where a career coach comes in. A career coach will not only provide you with information, but they also tell you how to use it effectively. A good coach will tailor your needs and find the gaps that are slowing you down or stopping you completely from landing your next job. How do you know which coach is best suited to you, well read our How To Find The Right Career Coach blog to find out how!

The right coach will analyse your goals, find the gaps, and lead you in the right direction. They have the experience and training in this field, they are specialised in knowing how to effectively land a job.

How can we help you?

Well, we are Career Coaches as you well know. We have the extensive knowledge and commit our careers to knowing the ins and outs of what hiring managers are looking for. We are hiring managers after all. From Resume coaching, Interview coaching, LinkedIn coaching and Job Analysis coaching we have tailored our packages to meet very specific needs. However, as we mentioned earlier, your needs may be a little more specific than others, you may have your resume almost perfect, your interviews need slight sharpening or you are simply unsure of your career direction, which is why we also have a Bespoke Coaching package on offer. Get in touch with us today and let’s see if we are the right fit for you.

We hope this blog has given you more insight into why a Career Coach may just be the best investment you make into your career.

My Career Angels

“Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.”

— Bo Jackson